Professor Annemaree Lloyd is a social science researcher based at the Department of Information Studies, University College, London (UCL), where she holds a Chair of the Department. Professor Lloyd is also a visiting Professor in Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Boräs, Sweden and Professor in the School of Computing and Information Sciences,  University of Strathclyde, Scotland.  Her research focuses on information cultures at the intersection of information, learning and  practice.

Professor Lloyd is engaged with theoretical and empirical  work associated with the development of information practice, information literacy theory and landscape methodology.

  • In the workplace sector, Professor  Lloyd’s research explores the information experience of learning working practice and performance.  Current research projects include an exploration of the transition from education to work and the nature of information work.
  • In the health information field, Professor  Lloyd is engaged in interdisciplinary research which explores nurses workplace learning; she also investigates health literacy in relation to refugee knowledge construction and the health information practices of people with chronic illness.
  • In the area of refugee and forced migration studies, Professor  Lloyd’s research focuses on the  impact of information practice  on social inclusion. Recent research explores the learning practices of refugee youth in everyday spaces.
  • The concept of fractured landscape  research is also being explored in relation to information practices in connection to the  transition and resettlement practices of refugees.

Professor Lloyd has published extensively in the area of information literacy in workplace contexts, the role of information literacy in embodied learning, information affordances and communities of practice. She has published over 70 articles, books and book chapters including the well received Information Literacy Landscapes: Information literacy in education, workplace and every day contexts (Chandos, Woodhead), and is co-editor  of Practising Information Literacy: Bringing theories of learning, practice and information literacy together (Chandos, Woodhead, Lloyd & Talja) and Exploring methods in information literacy research ( Chandos, Woodhead, edited by Lipu, Willilamson and Lloyd., Dr Lloyd’s research publications feature on several most cited lists, with two publication being included in Emerald’s Reading ListAssist.

Annemaree has delivered international and national keynotes in Australia, Finland, Sweden, South Korea and the United Kingdom, and has presented a number of invited international seminars. She is a regular reviewer of peer-reviewed journals and is a member of a number of international conference program committees.

With international colleagues from Sweden, Finland and Denmark, Dr Lloyd is a co-founded the International Information Literacies Research Network. She  is the recipient of a number of awards for her research and scholarship including an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship awarded by the European Commission in 2010 and an award for Research Excellence awarded by the Faculty of Education at Charles Sturt University. She has also received awards for her scholarly publications, including the 2013 Journal of Documentation Award for Best Paper ( co authored).

At the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Annemaree co leads the Information Practices research group. She is also  a member of the Pedagogy, Education and Praxis (PEP) research group which  part of an international collaboration with researchers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United Kingdom.

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